About Us

Who we are?

We are a privately held company, created in Saida in 2010, offering professional services and web development solutions, for online Businesses and E-Commerce companies. In 2018 We added Mobile Technology as a main part of the development division. In 2020 We specialized more in the High-Tech. Such as Servers Administration, DNS Clustering, Load Balancing, Server Security (We are currently Managing over 28 Servers)

The CEO and Founder decided to disband its Web division. The dismissal decision was in favor of the company Open Technology which also located in Saida.

WonderWeb has grown considerably and remain privately held by providing a large array of web services backed by superior knowledge, fanatic support and an up-to-date technology.

WonderWeb has established its main offices in Saida and have presence in KSA, USA and Soon in Turkey also we tight a strong relationship with different qualified partners in Amman, Dubai and Jeddah.

WonderWeb is now your ideal and most affordable hosting and web development firm in the Middle East, Also Managing Open Technology Servers. Since 2010 WonderWeb have developed and deployed thousands of websites for different public and private sectors, from educational to governmental websites, for leisure, lodging, and banking, for small and big enterprises; all had been satisfied of the quality of work and services.

WonderWeb own its private and dedicated servers, which are located in Germany, United State, Canada and France, and is offering a very affordable and quality hosting services, with cPanel management panels.

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Why WonderWeb

With reputation come new challenges, with new visions come new options. Our production team brings new solutions, showing we can push our limits; find the edge of our capabilities and extend it even more.

WonderWeb pushes your business to a new level in various ways. We are designers and developers; programmers If you need a corporate website development or go over software application development dedicated teams; WonderWeb makes all these things possible; Using Open Sources CMS provides us with a possibility to cut your development costs comparing with Microsoft .NET or Java solutions on more than the half, with same quality even better and in a secure environment.

Friendly environment

We are easy to work with. WonderWeb lacks corporate bureaucracy compared to large companies. Our office is the place where competence meets severe management and no minute is spend in vain. This work-flow approach is avowed by all our team as it brings clear results.

Team of Professionals

WonderWeb is an innovative, fast-paced web solutions services company with talented and versatile team of professionals. Our teams of professionals are working hard to build the online success of you. WonderWeb staff includes technology consultants and information architects, creative design experts, project managers, e-business consultants, web programmers, application developers, network administrators, content developers, and web marketing professionals. Our company attracts, develops, motivates and retains outstanding people who deliver leading edge solutions with a high Return on Investment.

Vision and Values

Every client is important and each project we develop must bring entire satisfaction to every client. Our values help us keep to this formula. Successful cooperation is the final result of hard work done by the company staff. That’s why WonderWeb is a company of bright and energetic professionals who:

  • Work as a team made of people who love their work
  • Collaborate around our clients’ success
  • Thrive on creativity and innovative thinking
  • Promote a learning environment
  • Are honest about our work progress
  • Welcome accountability and open communication
  • Help people and businesses reach their goals
  • Are hard at work to reach our organizational goals
  • Partner with strategic companies

Efficiency is the trademark of every WonderWeb web project. We guarantee these qualities by using a standardized process for every job. Our process is focused on the client’s success and on producing the web site each client visualizes and needs. WonderWeb offers its clients options for site hosting and management. Site management includes site administration, and site maintenance.

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