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WonderWeb ® Ideal Hosting plans are designed for clients who need bulletproof reliability and unbeatable Support at an affordable.

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CMS solutions in most cases we use as a basis for creating unique solutions. We design websites that load fast and are easy to maintain. They are attractive and functional. Not any website design firm can guarantee you the implementation of e-commerce, real estate, media streaming, social communities/networks! Well, we can. Need a cost-effective website design firm? We are at your disposal. Our sites attract, convince and sell.

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Our popular value-packed deals, Quality combined with the price make our deals unbeatable and we highly recommend these packages to all our clients. We’re sure that we have the perfect web design solution for you! Each of the sites we design are unique and tailor-made for our clients, take a look at our client’s portfolio and we will be sure that you will be happy with the quality of our service.

Domain names

All domains you looking for WonderWeb has been successfully servicing corporate needs in domain name management for over thirteen years with its comprehensive …

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We are a privately held company, created in Saida in 2010, offering professional services and web development solutions, for online Businesses and E-Commerce companies. In 2018 We added Mobile Technology as a main part of the development division. In 2020 We specialized more in the High-Tech. Such as Servers Administration, DNS Clustering, Load Balancing, Server Security (We are currently Managing over 28 Servers)

The CEO and Founder decided to disband its Web division. The dismissal decision was in favor of the company Open Technology which also located in Saida.

WonderWeb has grown considerably and remain privately held by providing a large array of web services backed by superior knowledge, fanatic support and an up-to-date technology.

WonderWeb has established its main offices in Saida and have presence in KSA, USA and Soon in Turkey also we tight a strong relationship with different qualified partners in Amman, Dubai and Jeddah.


Iif you have an idea for an app, but your budget is restricted to turn it into a full-fledged product, we can evaluate your idea and provide you with an MVP that would have all the must-have features to launch it on the market. In such a way, you get an app that can be launched on the market and tested by your target audience. When you acquire first users, we can help you to scale your product and add the features that will make it even more appealing for your audience.

When you reach out to us, we initiate the discovery phase and conduct a thorough business analysis to create a product prototype. We go step-by-step and confirm each screenshot with the client to ensure we meet your expectations. As a result of this process, you get a prototype together with a detailed description of business logic and a well-developed technical proposal. This stage usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the scale of the project, the client’s requirements and their priorities.

After we agree on the app design, we assemble a team of high-end developers and assign a dedicated Project Manager who breaks the project into tasks and sprints. We create the timeline for the project, set the budget, and choose the technology stack, which will help to make a scalable and easy-to-maintain product. The first sprint is usually devoted to project initialization. At the end of each sprint, we create a demo for the client, which provides them with a possibility to track the progress and make changes if necessary. When the product is developed, we carefully test it and prepare to launch it on the platform/platforms you choose.

The last two stages are launch and support. We fill in all the necessary data and graphic materials in the app’s account (no matter whether it is an App Store or Play Market) and send your product for approval. Upon the market’s request, we add the necessary information to ensure the launch goes smoothly and your app will be available to users. After the publishers approve the mobile app, you can press the final button to launch your app yourself. We also provide you with extensive support afterward and make the required changes to the product to ensure your users get superior experience.



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